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Joseph Cartron Apricot Brandy 700ml

Joseph Cartron Apricot Brandy 700ml


    Introduced in France in the fifteenth century, the apricot was only really adopted three centuries later. The fleshy fruits from the Mont du Lyonnais (near Lyons) are harvested very ripe once the summer sunshine has guaranteed their sugar content and beautiful orangy-red colour.

    The Joseph Cartron Company is very attached to this soft stone variety. Not only does it promise a spectacular aromatic power when in contact with the alcohol, but it also provides this liqueur with its light and subtle taste of almond. Finally, the added Cognac gives this Joseph Cartron Apricot Brandy Liqueur all its structure and delicately woody flavour. This secret process contributes to the amplification of all the fruit’s flavour resulting in an exceptional product.

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