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Curatif x Archie Rose Espresso Martini 120mL

Rich, creamy and indulgent, this drink is a decadent blend of coffee and vodka.

The cocktail initially provides a warm burst of smooth sweetness which is quickly followed by the rich toffee, cocoa and coffee elements of the flavour wheel. The final piece of the puzzle is the beautifully crafted Archie Rose Original Vodka which seduces and harmonises wonderfully with the roasted heat of espresso, providing for a surprisingly complex but thoroughly balanced and satisfying cocktail.

Curatif x Archie Rose Espresso Martini 120mL

  • Product Specifications

    Format: 120ml Can
    Style: Pre-Made Cocktail
    Region: Australia
    ABV: 16.4%
    Standard Drinks: 1.5

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