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Curatif Amaretto Sour Can 130mL

A collaboration between Curatif and Bar Bambi. The nose is unmistakable, irreplaceable marzipan that delights and invites no matter how many times you return to the glass. The first sip is mouth-filling almond, chased by a perfectly lip-pursing lemon sour complimented by a comforting sweetness that sweeps the palate in a wave of familiarity. The combination of creamy, sweet and sour is blissfully balanced and playfully poised. A staple at all of the greatest parties, make it one of yours.

Curatif Amaretto Sour Can 130mL

  • Product Specifications

    Format: 130ml Can
    Style: Pre-Made Cocktail
    Region: Australia
    ABV: 12%

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